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The Forehead Thing

It feels like when we kiss.

When you ask, i cant help but wonder why you would need to hear it

I thought I should have managed to convince you by now

then i kind of think of how you dont say it back

because you dont feel the same, 

because you dont trust me,

but i say it anyway,

because i mean it,

and i want you to know that,

and i feel like me saying it makes things inconveniant for you somehow.

It feels like the moment right before we kiss

when you request it, I mean

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abstract-insomniac said: Y U SO SEXII?

I’m only as sexy as the people I know ;]

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And I’m deeply moved by the resilience, by the unfathomable mystery of the human heart. And then, almost instantly (and with equal force), by its credulity, its cowardice, its desperate fear of being alone.”
Sherod Santos

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